Easter greetings


Kadal api (aka hendy) made this cute illustration for our weekly challenge. Very smart of him to ties in the illustration with Easter greetings.

Yes, it’s one day early. But we thought you guys won’t be sitting in front of the monitor screen tomorrow and could miss it.

And just in case you didn’t know, we have a new activity for you to join : (drumroll please…) Anindo weekly challenge (insert final fantasy “found item” sound effect)

This week’s challenge is to say something nice or funny to your facebook friends, either by drawing one page comic (4 panel), or artwork, or short story. You can submit  everything as long as it fits in one page. The deadline is this sunday at 12pm midnight. So join in the fun and be creative!

For more information, go to our forum. Ask the admin for password.



Featured Artist: Monsu


OK, we have a new column for anindo blog this week.

Our featured artist of this month is Elda (aka ethe / monsu). She captured our attention back in the old anindo days with her gorgeous fantasy illustrations.

1. Can you share with us how you first started?
Pertama kali gambar pas masi balita terus dinding rumah tamu jadi penuh coret2an pensil warna, terus sejak itu bonyok jadi kasi les gambar biar ga destructive haha.

Dari tk sampai sma gw pergi ke Regina Pacis di Jakarta, terus pas kuliah, gw beruntung banget bonyok mampu buat kirim gw kuliah di US. Gw dapet beasiswa di Columbus College of Art and Design dengan major Media Studies focusing on Animation. Menjelang kuliah gw sempet kerja jadi waiter ama pegawai di school registration office. Pas tahun terakhir kuliah, gw sempet jadi kontraktor sama Imaginary Friends Studio.  Terus abis lulus dapet kerja di Gaia Online sampe sekarang di San Jose, US. Saat ini gw juga lagi ambil Master degree dari San Francisco Academy of Art, company gw yg sponsor. :)

[EN: I first started drawing when I was a toddler causing the living room at home to be full of doodles from colored pencils. Then my parents enrolled me in drawing classes so I wouldn't be so destructive.

From kindergarten to high school, I went to Regina Pacis in Jakarta. Then for college, I was extremely lucky that my parents were able to send me to the US to study. I got a scholarship from Columbus College of Art and Design, majoring in Media Studies focusing on Animation. During college, I worked as a waitress and an employee at the school's registration office. During my last year in college, I was a contractor at Imaginary Friends Studio. Then after graduation I got a job at Gaia Online until now in San Jose, USA. Currently, I am working on a master degree at San Francisco Academy of Art, sponsored by my company.]

2. Would you mind sharing about your creative process?
Biasanya sebelum gw mulai sketsa, gw uda punya ide, kadang kepikiran ide itu pas lagi naek kereta, jalan pulang, ato pas mau tidur.

Ide nya sendiri banyak terinspirasi dari object di sekitar gw, pengalaman pribadi, ato juga dari lagu, tapi ide pertama nya selalu kasar banget, jadi pas sketsa baru bener2 di poles lagi, dan pas mulai diwarnain itu juga berubah lagi mood nya, jadi proses buat finalize ide itu selalu involve dari awal sampe akhir. Gw lebi comfortable sketsa-painting langsung digital pake photoshop.

[EN: Usually, before I start sketching, I already have an idea. Sometimes I get my ideas when I'm on the train on the way home, or right when I go to bed.

The ideas themselves are inspired by objects around me, my personal experiences, or songs. The initial ideas are always rough, so it gets smoothed out during sketching, then the mood changes again during coloring. So the process of finalizing the idea will always be from the start until completion (of the project). I'm more comfortable with sketching-painting direct to digital using Photoshop.]

3. What’s your fave project so far?
The current project selalu yg paling interesting buat gw, jadi kadang bukan karena alesan what, tapi when.
Ggw ngerasa abis suatu project selesai gw ga bisa feel that passionate lagi, the newest stuff selalu yg paling bikin exciting. Saat ini project yg gw aktif lakuin Monster Galaxy, game di facebook. Bisa dibilang ini first game project gw, dan gw dikasi kesempatan buat paint environment yg gw suka dan monster2 imut! :D

[EN: The current project is always the most interesting for me, so for me it's not what project, but when. I feel that after the project is completed, I can't feel passionate about it anymore, so the newest stuff is always the most exciting. Right now, my most active project is Monster Galaxy, a Facebook game. You can say that this is my first game project. I was given the opportunity to paint the environment that I like and cute monsters!]


4. Any advice for indonesian aspiring artist?

Dari personal experience, gw ngerasa dua aspek yg perlu artist pikirin buat survive = cara buat jadi commercial artist dan cara jadi original.
Kadang dua aspek itu perlu di balance, ga bisa cuma extreme ke satu aja. Dan buat bisa raih itu pertama harus bisa punya open mind dan think outside the box. Tapi last thing yg menurut gw paling penting itu benernya buat artist bisa pisahin diri mereka dari artwork yg mereka perna bikin. Maksud gw disini bukan menjelang proses creating the artwork, tapi di moment saat artwork nya udah jadi, artist perlu ‘putusin’ hubungan ama artwork itu, jadi apapun reaksi orang2 ama karya tersebut itu bukan = reaksi orang2 ke individu artist itu. Jadi artist ga takut buat dikritik, ga takut buat showcase karya mereka dan ga takut buat lebi ber experimentasi.  Ini salah satu aspek yang plaing susah menurut gw hehe

[EN: From my personal experience, I feel that there are two aspects that artists need to think about to survive = away to become a commercial artist and a way to be original.
Sometimes the two aspects need to be balanced, you can be on one extreme. To reach the first one, you must have an open mind and be able to think outside the box. The last thing that I think is important is that the artists must be able to part with their artwork. What I meant is not during the creation of the artwork, but the moment the artwork is finished, the artist has to be able to sever his/her relationship with the artwork. So people's reaction to the artwork is not a reaction to the individual artist. Therefore, the artist will not be afraid of being criticized, not afraid to have his/her work showcased, and not afraid to experiment. This is one of the most difficult aspects in my opinion. Hehe.]


5. any hobbies beside drawings?

gw suka masak dan zumba~ XD
untungnya itu 2 hobby yg bisa support each other hahaha jadi semua kalori dari masakan bisa dipake buat zumba.

[EN: I like to cook and zumba.
Luckily, those two hobbies support each other, so all the calories from my cooking can be used for zumba.]

Zumba can be described as popular exercise routine influenced by Latina dancing


Fun questions paper

For more amazing artworks, visit Elda’s website here:



Featured art

Dollhouse tea

Dollhouse tea

The latest illustration from one of our member (Obliro aka Yosai). Media : watercolour. Title: Dollhouse Tea.


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