Win iPhone 4S, iPod Touch or a Wacom Bamboo Drawing Tablet by designing a monster mascot for Faunia Rancher mobile game


Chowdown Games and Joyverter Entertainment are currently developing a game apps called “Faunia Rancher” for iOS (iPhone, iPad) that is planned to release on April 2012 and also android (future plan).

Right now, they currently holding a promotional event contest for our game and in this contest, we are hoping that many aspiring artists will get involved in our Monster Mascot Design contest.

The contest however, will be exclusively for Indonesian only.

Faunia Rancher iOS Game Mascot Design Contest

For further info regarding this contest and how to join, you may check Faunia Rancher’s facebook page at:

Introducing The Dark Earth Manga (m/m, yaoi, fantasy, R18+) – PG Preview on Anindo site.

Dark Earth - Manga Cover

Anindo does not discriminate against excellent arts.

One of Anindo’s member has teamed up with Raythe Reign, a site for erotic serial m/m stories and graphic novels, to present on of the best yaoi fantasy manga found on the web.

Please note that this manga is for 18+ readers only. If you are under 18 years old or offended by m/m, yaoi materials, please do not click on the link to the manga or to the RAYTHE REIGN website.

Dark Earth - Manga Cover


Aidan Walsh, his adoptive mother and sister are forced to move back into Grandfather Patrick’s home in Devil’s Ridge due to money troubles. His secretive and lecherous adoptive grandfather ends up being the least of Aidan’s worries on the Ridge.

Within the first hour of being there, Aidan is nearly lured to his death by something terrible in an old well, but is saved by the mysterious and alluring, Asher Vane, a member of a people known as the Sidhe. When his grandfather comes after Vane with a shotgun, calling him a “Demon Prince”, Aidan realizes that life on the Ridge is less than normal.

His grandfather’s hatred for Vane does nothing to stop the growing attraction and love that Aidan begins to feel for his rescuer. But like everything else on the Ridge, Asher is not what he seems.

And neither, as it turns out, is Aidan.

The Dark Earth Manga, Book 1 will be available available for sale as Paperback or ePub edition. For more information, preview and free chapters, please visit:
RAYTHE REIGN’s Dark Earth Manga


PG Preview and Character Profile Shots:


Featured Artist: Jinguj


Our featured artist this month is Jinguj, a.k.a. Jho, a.k.a. spaceduck (Josephine Tanuwidjaya).

She has been gracing Anindo with her visually-striking, edgy artworks and comics.





1. Share with us your method of creating an artwork.

My method involves staring at myself in the mirror… licking may or may not be included.

…Just kidding :P To be completely honest, I’m kind of embarrassed because for my personal works, my method is not terribly professional! (laugh). I just draw whatever, whenever the mood or idea strikes.

Of course it’s different when I have a client to satisfy, in that case I’ll show them the stages if they wish to see it… which is pretty standard; thumbs, sketches, fixes (if they wish to have them done), line or ink if applicable, then colour/final.

I love listening to some background noise when I draw though, mostly music. All in all, my method is pretty standard really, nothing special. so… sorry to disappoint! :P

2. What is the best way to get inspired?

I can’t speak for everyone else, but for me, aside from constantly doodling/practice drawing, eating, reading, socializing and …moving around?

I read the news and articles daily; mainly topics that interest me such as food, science, travel, space, history, comics and sometimes politics, to name a few. I find real life stories (history or otherwise) very interesting, even if they can be somewhat depressing L when it gets too depressing though, I’ll just go ahead and read more light-hearted ones, thank goodness for internet :P I also read lots of comics but that goes without saying!

By moving around I meant just be somewhat active, take a walk, exercise a bit, going somewhere to ganti suasana (ciee), explore some places etc to …you know, balance out the whole ‘sitting and drawing forever’ thing :P

Hanging out with people is also great; conversation is always good to keep my mind going, and with socializing I learn more about people in general, so it’s all good in my book. Oh and don’t forget food! Good food ALWAYS great for the soul :P

By doing different things once in a while, I personally think inspiration will come naturally.


3. What is your number one favorite thing to draw and why?

Ducks… they’re adorable. They look so.. waddly and happy all the time- at least from the outside… so yes, definitely ducks. Drawing buildings is  even if I don’t draw them well. There’s just something cool about worn-down buildings!!

4. What do you think is the biggest challenge in becoming a commercial artist? And how did/do you overcome it?

Determination. Anyone can have the biggest dream and goal in the world but if they have no determination, nothing will ever get done. Realize that there’s a bigger picture so don’t let failures/rejections knock you down. Art business is hard, attitude is more important than talent (at least that’s what I personally believe) and adaptability is an important skill to have, especially when dealing with various kinds of clients if you don’t have an agent to do all the talk for you. Gotta be patient!

It’s really a harsh business, personally, I don’t think I can call myself as a successful commercial artist… yet. I’ll get there!  :P


4. What else do you do for fun besides drawing?

Eat, travel, eat… surfing the web and sleep. I’m easily pleased :)

Fun questions paper



For more of Jinguj’s amazing artworks and comics samples, go to


Featured studio: Jotter Production


Our featured studio for this month is Jotter Production! Yeah!

Founded in the end of 2005 by the talented duo Xing Jun Long  (aka Coffecat Jun)  and Fifi Xu (aka Fegan ) — which also happened to be Anindo members back in the old hey days.
Jotter Production is an outsourcing studio and production contractor for graphic assets.
In other words, they draw and make character design, illustrations, comic/graphic novel, game sprite, cut scene — you name it.
Their client base ranges from magazines, comic/scriptwriters, game developers, publisher (or pretty much every other industry which needs 2D artworks).


1. So Jun(CJ) and Fegan (F), could you tell me how did jotter actually start?
Gw ketemu fegan tahun… 2003 kalo ga salah inget di Lalu pas 2005, karena waktu itu kita lagi sama2 jobless/freelancing (anindo udah mulai sepi kl gasalah inget). Terus gw pikir, gw bisa ajak fegan dan beberapa artist kenalan gw di bandung utk go united, get organized, find collective jobs and distribute between artists members.
Argumennya, kl ngefreelance terus juga kan ada batasnya, misal kalau sakit kan stop total tuh semuanya, kacau deh. Sedangkan kalau dlm organisasi, minimal bisa ada yang gantiin, terus jalan dan sebagainya -> Ini belum sampai mikirin ada stable income dan life quality progression segala kaya sekarang :D
Tapi sejujurnya, fondasi berdirinya Jotter waktu itu sangat lemah sih. cuma modal niat dan kepercayaan doang, plus nekat.
tercetus ide pengen ngumpulnya sih di akhir 2005. Trus baru mulai kecil2an di maret 2006.
Knp di bandung….well, kebetulan Fifi pindah ke bandung, ketemu si jun, dan si jun juga di bandung, dan akhirnya dikenalin dgn teman2 lainnya. Jadinya ya di bandung deh :) .
Awalnya tentu saja diskusi dulu, diskusi bodoh gitu, modal nekat dan tanpa riset dan persiapan yg mendalam haha.  Akhirnya kita mulai kucing2an dgn proyek2 kecil dl, sewa kamar kos2an yang sempit utk 3 komputer.
2. Tell me more about your journey so far with Jotter … like the challenges, the strength, goal for the future?
we learn a lot, dulu tidak pernah terpikirkan kita akan belajar begitu banyak hal tentang how to survive a start up, terutama dengan modal tabungan yg minimal. Our first 2-3 years were full of bleed and blood tears. We were very naive and stupid at that time.
the thing is indonesian artists are still too much ineducated about professional attitude and the nature of service kind of job.
we now have 9 ppl in the house.
jotter’s strength right now is that it’s much more incorporated than most similar studios in indonesia. we’re still striving to perfect it though.
in the future, we want to enter the animation industry and become one of the most sophisticated and noteworthy production house in ASEAN (we’ll save the world for later D: ).
3. What’s the most fun and exciting project you ever did?
Hmm, semua proyek menyenangkan dan menarik karena proyek2 kita cukup bervariasi, jarang bosan deh.
Tapi salah satunya, isometrical graphics cukup menantang. Karena ngga ada kenalan di Indo yang udah duluan nyemplung ke sini, kita ngga bisa tanya2 dan jadi cari2 lagi sendiri.Terus ternyata asyik juga tuh, potensi nya masih sangat luas buat di-eksplor :D
* isometric graphics are video games that use a form of axonometric projection (commonly, the form of dimetric projection mistakenly referred to as “isometric”) in all or some of their gameplay.

4.Would you mind describing a typical day in jotter?
Typically, kita mulai beredar di jotter mulai dari 9.00 am, sampai 18.00 pm atau lewat, dan makan siang sekitar jam 12 an.
Pagi2 biasanya koordinator mulai merusuh-rusuh artis dan membagi2 pekerjaan. Agak sore, koordinator dan quality control mulai rusuh-rusuh lagi dan menagih kerjaan, hahaha. Biasanya hari sabtu kita suka adakan sesi belajar bersama, tergantung kebutuhan dan sempat tidaknya saya untuk ikut haha.
Saya rasa itu cukup typical di studio kecil seperti ini.
Setiap seminggu sekali, loudspeaker beredar, jadi tiap orang mendapat giliran sharing lagu2 favoritnya supaya pengetahuan musik kita juga bertambah. Tapi ini pilihan, ada juga yang tidak ingin sharing, atau lagi pengen konsen kerja haha.
untuk lunch, selama ini masih beli sendiri, biasanya sih, kita ada warung favorit, yang terjamin kebersihannya dan bisa request. Untuk kedepannya, saya sendiri sih pengen nyediakan lunch gratis, jika sudah kuat :) . Masak dan bawain lunch utk seluruh jotter? Tunggu saya belajar masak dulu nih, kalau sekarang, bisanya indomi dulu aja hahaha.
5.Anything  you like to do in your spare time?
Mostly, I love news grinding and looking forward to technology advances, and watching Asian Food Channel !
Selain itu, suka juga memperhatikan kota Bandung yang ada2 aja ajaibnya, suka banyak hal2 yang ga make sense hahaha.
Fave food.. yg banyak sayurannya sih, masakan gunung di Bandung enak2.
kl minta rekomendasi, msti di interview balik dulu sukanya apa ? ntar baru bisa dicariin :D stok banyak kok. wong, bandung salah satu tujuan wisata kuliner.
biasanya sih saya baca buku, atau sesekali nonton tv/dvd, atau brainstorming talk.
Hobi : baca buku2 pengetahuan, buku networking, buku management, buku komik, buku novel sesekali, nyari2 referensi.
Fave food: suka banget dengan mie, kwetiaw, sup kaldu, tapi sehari2 sih kebanyakan makan nasi haha.
Restoran rekomendasi Fifi: kobe di cibadak, tahu tidur jl emong, dan kwetiaw sapi acap.
6. Any advice for aspiring indonesian artist  or maybe anindo member?
All of us need to learn to work in team, be a good team member,
be someone that is always ready to help others, including clients and colleague,
be someone that is willing to contribute for the good of ourselves and others close to us.
Because the key to success in life is always communication and our good social life.
Be hungry of knowledge because commercial artists like us need to convince our viewer that our art is full of research and believability to them.
Never give up trying, never got fed up with critiques, always open to new things, don’t limit yourself, get easily inspired, and be crazy :)
first is the attitude !
the thing is that we’re making stuffs for other people. my analogy : it’s truly similar to cooking, you’d want your customer tells his friends that your cooking is very delicious, the chef is nice and cooperative, make him feel special for little customizations.
2nd, I think to be professional means to meet your promise in time delivery, quality, quantity and satisfaction (and nothing personal -> so damn hard).
3rd, you also have to dare to listen what your clients tell you. about anything really.
4th, you have to keep developing and upgrading your skills since there will always be ones who do. you wouldn’ want to be eclipsed by them and losing your customers.
Experience does matter but overrated, the passion and will to learn plus the attitude rule !

Thanks for sharing Jun and Fegan.

For more information

visit Jotter website here:

Check out and like their Facebook page here.

PS: Jotter is hiring! – check out their Facebook page for updates and vacancy.


Last and not the least, here are some fun questions paper from Jun and Fegan!

fun question for Jun

Fun Question for Fegan


101 Surviving Super Singles – newly released comic by SYS, an Anindo member

101 Surviving Super Singles - Cover

7 years ago, most of the Anindo members were students. We were young, fresh faced, penniless and faithfully posted our daily rough sketches and illustrations in the online forum (community zero at that time). One thing that brought us together was our love for the art (anime, manga, and game) and it was great meeting others that share the same interest.

Fast forward to the present day, some of our member are now working for well-known art agencies, creative studios, game development companies and even started their own company. And one of our members’ comic have been published too. Yeah! We are so proud of them.

101 Surviving Super Singles is the third comic book released by our member, SYS (Shirley Y Susilo) as part of the Seven Art Land Studio.

101 Surviving Super Single - On the shelf now

Their previous comic books are ’101 Peraturan Konyol’ (101 Silly Rules) and ‘Sejejak harap and sejejak mimpi’ (A Step of Wish and Dream).

101 Surviving Super Singles told the stories, randomness, characters of girls. It’s a funny and down-to-earth take of modern women’s issues, from Dating, Diet, Beauty, Fashion, Career to Married life.

A must-read for modern women and men who wants to know more about women – skillfully penned and drawn by four amazing female artists of the 7 Artland Studios.

It is currently in Indonesian, but who knows.. an English translation may be available soon.

101 Surviving Super Singles - Cover

101 Surviving Super Singles is now available from Gramedia BookStores and your local bookstores in Indonesia. If you are overseas and want to buy this comic book, leave a comment on this page. We may be able to help you get one.

101 Surviving Super Singles - Excerpt

101 Surviving Super Singles - Excerpt

101 Surviving Super Singles - Excerpt

101 Surviving Super Singles - Excerpt

To find out more about this awesome work, please visit

Sys website: