Main Character

Ok… I can’t be bothered splitting the combined character sheets.. I blamed Ann, the creator.. (FA).

Ruler/Queen of Argentia

Name: Arsienne
Age : 18
Hair : Crimson Red
Eyes : Silver (it’s not nessecary for royal blood to have that only unique color of eyes, ordinary people can also posses the color)
Characteristics: Tomboy, strong and cold on the outside as the Queen, complains and muses alot in her head, she’s really very sensitive and lonely but never shows it, probably the most smartest among the guys and is able to think herself out of situations, fights pretty well since she does sneak out to train.

Royal Guards

Name: Zenn
Age : 20
Hair: Black
Eyes: Ice Blue
Characteristics: Your average moody guy, high self esteem, cold, hates being mistaken for a girl. Most anima sensitive and uses his Anima carelessly. Bandaged right hand. (what happened is up to the impros)

Name: Carl
Age : 23
Hair: same as Zenn Eyes: same as Zenn but more lighter
Characteristics: Calculated, blind in the right eye from a dark past concerning Zenn. Even now the siblings seen to have an awkward distance between them. Oldest of the five, most powerful Anima user among them.

Name: Lionel
Age : 21
Hair : Pale blond
Eyes: Red
Characteristics: Has the ego a size of a multiplex theater, curses alot, heavily sarcastic and talks in a sinister way, the one with all the tatics and plans under his sleeve.

Name: Lorence
Age: 20
Hair : Blond
Eyes : Green -
Characteristics: One word, naive. Goes berserk once in a while when people push him to far. Can be friends with virtually ANYONE, including enemies? Animals and girls generally love him ^^;;

Name: Rein
Age : 22
Hair : Dark brown
Eyes : Dark grey, almost black
Characteristics: laughs alot and likes joking around. Best swordsman of the five. .

Others (Villains/other important characters)





Zaph and Rapel


Personalities of the chars grow as the story progress, so feel free to expand them but be sure not to go OOC too much ^^ New chars are up to the continuing people.

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