The word improstuff is derived from improvised stuff. During it’s most active times in 2001-2003, Anindo had two types of Impro. The first one was manga and the other one was novel. Participation were restricted to members but guests were more than welcome to read.

As the name suggest, improstuff means something that is improvised. In either manga or novel, one person starts with one story and followed by next participant and so on. Therefore previous writer/manga-ka will not be able to predict what will happen next..

Basically, as long as the story line is not so out of context and/or out of character, any plot is acceptable. However, in rare occasion, admins or founder of the story has the right of defining some limit to the participant (i.e: no new charcter when too much character has been introduced).



Title: Anima
Description: The story revolves around the adventure of a young queen who’s betrayed and forced to leave her palace. The only left was the five royal guards. Will they be able to regain her throne?
Genre: Adventure, romance, fantasy, humor, action
Comment: Anindo’s first and most popular Impromanga. The queue to do this Impro consisted of more than 10 members at any given time.

  • Characters
  • Silver Lining
  • Parody
  • Fanart

Legendary AII Warrior

Title: Legendary AII Warrior
Description: The peaceful world of Anindo is envaded by some ‘ultimate evil’ and currently in great chaos. Now it’s up to the destined AII Warriors to save it! Try not to kill each other in process.
Genre: Adventure, fantasy, chibi-form, humor, RPG-style
Comment: Another popular impromanga.. the joke was everybody was introducing character so it became really hard to draw everyone on the one page..

  • Characters
  • Parody
  • Fanart


Title: Celestial
Description: The world is in the middle of critical war situation when one female archaelogist found an unidentified artifact in one deep cave. It turned out that it has a living being inside it.
Genre: Adventure, romance, sci-fiction, action
Comment: Unfortunately, not as popular as other impromangas in term of participation. This is because Celestial is VERY difficult to draw.. what’s with lots of robotic details and science fiction theme. The skill level in this impro is quite high.


Broken Doves

Title: Broken Doves
Description: One simple family scene ended when the little sister had gone mentally troubled. While the brother is trying to figure out what exactly is wrong, he isn’t likely going to be left untouched.
Genre: Psychological horror
Comment: Our ‘cute’ founder’s favourite theme… pyschological thriller/horror..


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