Easter greetings


Kadal api (aka hendy) made this cute illustration for our weekly challenge. Very smart of him to ties in the illustration with Easter greetings.

Yes, it’s one day early. But we thought you guys won’t be sitting in front of the monitor screen tomorrow and could miss it.

And just in case you didn’t know, we have a new activity for you to join : (drumroll please…) Anindo weekly challenge (insert final fantasy “found item” sound effect)

This week’s challenge is to say something nice or funny to your facebook friends, either by drawing one page comic (4 panel), or artwork, or short story. You can submit ¬†everything as long as it fits in one page. The deadline is this sunday at 12pm midnight. So join in the fun and be creative!

For more information, go to our forum. Ask the admin for password.



Oekaki Board

Hi everyone,

Oekaki board has now been included in the website. Have fun!

Forum Password

Password buat akses forumnya sama dengan password buat buka punch 0 and 1. Kalo, ga tau passwordnya, contact admin yah.

Punch issue #0 Red


Punch Issue #0 – Red

Passwordnya sama yah dengan issue #1 kemaren.

Please Switch OFF Email Notifications!

Attention Members,

Once you are logged in, you may want to switched off email notifications. Otherwise, everytime there’s activity on the forum/website, you’ll get an email.

Go to: http://anindo.net/my-account/edit-profile/

and untick the box where you don’t want emails to be sent to you.