Win iPhone 4S, iPod Touch or a Wacom Bamboo Drawing Tablet by designing a monster mascot for Faunia Rancher mobile game


Chowdown Games and Joyverter Entertainment are currently developing a game apps called “Faunia Rancher” for iOS (iPhone, iPad) that is planned to release on April 2012 and also android (future plan).

Right now, they currently holding a promotional event contest for our game and in this contest, we are hoping that many aspiring artists will get involved in our Monster Mascot Design contest.

The contest however, will be exclusively for Indonesian only.

Faunia Rancher iOS Game Mascot Design Contest

For further info regarding this contest and how to join, you may check Faunia Rancher’s facebook page at:

101 Surviving Super Singles – newly released comic by SYS, an Anindo member

101 Surviving Super Singles - Cover

7 years ago, most of the Anindo members were students. We were young, fresh faced, penniless and faithfully posted our daily rough sketches and illustrations in the online forum (community zero at that time). One thing that brought us together was our love for the art (anime, manga, and game) and it was great meeting others that share the same interest.

Fast forward to the present day, some of our member are now working for well-known art agencies, creative studios, game development companies and even started their own company. And one of our members’ comic have been published too. Yeah! We are so proud of them.

101 Surviving Super Singles is the third comic book released by our member, SYS (Shirley Y Susilo) as part of the Seven Art Land Studio.

101 Surviving Super Single - On the shelf now

Their previous comic books are ’101 Peraturan Konyol’ (101 Silly Rules) and ‘Sejejak harap and sejejak mimpi’ (A Step of Wish and Dream).

101 Surviving Super Singles told the stories, randomness, characters of girls. It’s a funny and down-to-earth take of modern women’s issues, from Dating, Diet, Beauty, Fashion, Career to Married life.

A must-read for modern women and men who wants to know more about women – skillfully penned and drawn by four amazing female artists of the 7 Artland Studios.

It is currently in Indonesian, but who knows.. an English translation may be available soon.

101 Surviving Super Singles - Cover

101 Surviving Super Singles is now available from Gramedia BookStores and your local bookstores in Indonesia. If you are overseas and want to buy this comic book, leave a comment on this page. We may be able to help you get one.

101 Surviving Super Singles - Excerpt

101 Surviving Super Singles - Excerpt

101 Surviving Super Singles - Excerpt

101 Surviving Super Singles - Excerpt

To find out more about this awesome work, please visit

Sys website:


Oekaki Board

Hi everyone,

Oekaki board has now been included in the website. Have fun!

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