Featured Artist: Jinguj


Our featured artist this month is Jinguj, a.k.a. Jho, a.k.a. spaceduck (Josephine Tanuwidjaya).

She has been gracing Anindo with her visually-striking, edgy artworks and comics.





1. Share with us your method of creating an artwork.

My method involves staring at myself in the mirror… licking may or may not be included.

…Just kidding :P To be completely honest, I’m kind of embarrassed because for my personal works, my method is not terribly professional! (laugh). I just draw whatever, whenever the mood or idea strikes.

Of course it’s different when I have a client to satisfy, in that case I’ll show them the stages if they wish to see it… which is pretty standard; thumbs, sketches, fixes (if they wish to have them done), line or ink if applicable, then colour/final.

I love listening to some background noise when I draw though, mostly music. All in all, my method is pretty standard really, nothing special. so… sorry to disappoint! :P

2. What is the best way to get inspired?

I can’t speak for everyone else, but for me, aside from constantly doodling/practice drawing, eating, reading, socializing and …moving around?

I read the news and articles daily; mainly topics that interest me such as food, science, travel, space, history, comics and sometimes politics, to name a few. I find real life stories (history or otherwise) very interesting, even if they can be somewhat depressing L when it gets too depressing though, I’ll just go ahead and read more light-hearted ones, thank goodness for internet :P I also read lots of comics but that goes without saying!

By moving around I meant just be somewhat active, take a walk, exercise a bit, going somewhere to ganti suasana (ciee), explore some places etc to …you know, balance out the whole ‘sitting and drawing forever’ thing :P

Hanging out with people is also great; conversation is always good to keep my mind going, and with socializing I learn more about people in general, so it’s all good in my book. Oh and don’t forget food! Good food ALWAYS great for the soul :P

By doing different things once in a while, I personally think inspiration will come naturally.


3. What is your number one favorite thing to draw and why?

Ducks… they’re adorable. They look so.. waddly and happy all the time- at least from the outside… so yes, definitely ducks. Drawing buildings is  even if I don’t draw them well. There’s just something cool about worn-down buildings!!

4. What do you think is the biggest challenge in becoming a commercial artist? And how did/do you overcome it?

Determination. Anyone can have the biggest dream and goal in the world but if they have no determination, nothing will ever get done. Realize that there’s a bigger picture so don’t let failures/rejections knock you down. Art business is hard, attitude is more important than talent (at least that’s what I personally believe) and adaptability is an important skill to have, especially when dealing with various kinds of clients if you don’t have an agent to do all the talk for you. Gotta be patient!

It’s really a harsh business, personally, I don’t think I can call myself as a successful commercial artist… yet. I’ll get there!  :P


4. What else do you do for fun besides drawing?

Eat, travel, eat… surfing the web and sleep. I’m easily pleased :)

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For more of Jinguj’s amazing artworks and comics samples, go to http://jinguj.deviantart.com/