Introducing The Dark Earth Manga (m/m, yaoi, fantasy, R18+) – PG Preview on Anindo site.

Dark Earth - Manga Cover

Anindo does not discriminate against excellent arts.

One of Anindo’s member has teamed up with Raythe Reign, a site for erotic serial m/m stories and graphic novels, to present on of the best yaoi fantasy manga found on the web.

Please note that this manga is for 18+ readers only. If you are under 18 years old or offended by m/m, yaoi materials, please do not click on the link to the manga or to the RAYTHE REIGN website.

Dark Earth - Manga Cover


Aidan Walsh, his adoptive mother and sister are forced to move back into Grandfather Patrick’s home in Devil’s Ridge due to money troubles. His secretive and lecherous adoptive grandfather ends up being the least of Aidan’s worries on the Ridge.

Within the first hour of being there, Aidan is nearly lured to his death by something terrible in an old well, but is saved by the mysterious and alluring, Asher Vane, a member of a people known as the Sidhe. When his grandfather comes after Vane with a shotgun, calling him a “Demon Prince”, Aidan realizes that life on the Ridge is less than normal.

His grandfather’s hatred for Vane does nothing to stop the growing attraction and love that Aidan begins to feel for his rescuer. But like everything else on the Ridge, Asher is not what he seems.

And neither, as it turns out, is Aidan.

The Dark Earth Manga, Book 1 will be available available for sale as Paperback or ePub edition. For more information, preview and free chapters, please visit:
RAYTHE REIGN’s Dark Earth Manga


PG Preview and Character Profile Shots:


Punch Issue #1


Anindo Punch #1


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