Please note that being an Anindo administrator is pro-bono. Administrators do not make any profit and have dedicated a lot of personal time to provide an online space for Indonesian artists and creatives to connect and grow together.

The following people are the founder and administrators of Anindo since 1998.

Active Administrator

FA (tech-founder)
Name: Patricia C
Origin: Palembang, Indonesia
Current Location: Canberra, ACT, Australia
About: Patricia is an IT and digital media consultant in Canberra, Australia.
AII Warrior Profile*: FA has been mentioned in LAW Impromanga. The AII warriors’ main and often forgotten quest is to find medicine for the sick Lady FA. She’s probably dead by now.
Year Active: 1998-2004 , 2011-present.


Name: Ari C
Origin: Jakarta, Indonesia
Current Location: Daly City, CA, USA
About: Ari is a designer/marketing/business development professional for an engineering company in CA.
AII Warrior Profile*: Ari has yet to make an appearance in Legendary AII Warrior Impromanga.
Year Active: 1998-2004 , 2011-present.


Name: Fifi P
Origin: Bogor, Indonesia
Current Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
About: Fiesan is a graphic designer and runs her small stationary business online.
AII Warrior Profile*: Fiesan is the fairy save options who hates game sharks and cheat codes, but is susceptible to bribe (especially if it’s in the form of pocky).
Year Active: 1998-2004 , 2011-present.


Administrators in Hiatus

Ann (PsychoAnn)
PsychoAnn (founder)
Name: Ann M
Origin: Milpitas, CA then Jakarta, Indonesia, then Fremont, CA
Current Location: Everett, WA, USA.
About: Ann is currently lead illustrator at a foreign game publishing company in the USA.
AII Warrior Profile*: Ann is a berserker who randomly vomit bloods and body innards and will go berserk when called cute.
Year Active: 1998-2004


Name: Pam R
Origin: Semarang, Indonesia
Current Location: Chicago, IL, USA.
About: Pam is a consultant for a Business and Management Consulting Firm in Chicago.
AII Warrior Profile*: Pam has yet to make an appearance in Legendary AII Warrior Impromanga.
Year Active: 1998-2004


Name: Angeline H
Origin: Surabaya, Indonesia
Current Location: Melbourne, VIC, Australia
About: Angeline is a graphic designer working in Melbourne, VIC, Australia.
AII Warrior Profile*: aSentaro is a cheerful supernaturalist who always teleport people to the wrong place especially when hungry.
Year Active: 1998-2004 , 2011


Name: Fifi X
Origin: Bandung, Indonesia
Current Location: Bandung, Indonesia
About: Fifi is the lead artist and founder of Jotter Pro Art Studio in Bandung, Indonesia
AII Warrior Profile*: Fegan is a tone-deaf bard. Her terrible voice is rivaled only by her terrible sense of fashion. She is also addicted to the Lord of the Rings franchise and often speaks in highly dramatized old english form.
Year Active: 1998-2004 , 2011


Name: Margareth L
Origin: Jakarta, Indonesia
Current Location: Perth, WA, Australia
About: Margareth is an experienced game illustrator and make-up artist working in Perth, WA.
AII Warrior Profile*: Maru is the main character of the LAW Impromanga. She is a treasure hunter tasked with the original quest, but can’t say no to parties joining her and no longer has control over what will happen to the quest.
Year Active: 1998-2004

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