Anime Indo International

What is Anindo

Anime Indo International, also known as Anindo or AII is one of the largest online community for young Indonesian (anime-style) artists and creatives. During it’s glorious days circa 2001-2004, Anindo produced 3 impromanga (relay comics), comic anthologies, various artworks and collaborations, and a community of active 200+ Indonesian artists from all corner of the world.

After 7 years of inactivity, Anindo Reunion 2011 aims to gather ex-members from all over the world to recreate a once-loved online community, designed specifically to benefit members and support the Indonesian creative community.

History of Anindo

Quick history of Anindo:

  • 1998: eCircles group – Anindo was started by Waiji (now known as the grandfather/grad-founder) as a small online group of Indonesian students who likes Japanese manga and anime.
  • 1999: Community Zero. eCircles closed and Anindo was moved to CommunityZero, led by PsychoAnn (known as the current founder)
  • 2000: Anindo became self-hosted in
  • 2001 – 2004: Most Active period of Anindo
  • 2005: Anindo published Punch! comic anthology
  • 2005: Anindo was in hiatus
  • 2011: Anindo Reunion 2011
  • 2012: switched to non-profit online resources for Indonesian creative community.

Mission Statement

To provide an international platform for Indonesian artist and creative professionals around the world to gather, connect, and grow.